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September 19, 2015

Half hour of drone footage done for spfx composite footage and aerial establishment shots, today. Vital pieces of needed film for the final master. Good day.

September 20, 2015

The Moon House in the local lore of Streator, was a Victorian that was about an eighth of a mile from the cemetery. The Hatchet Lady would have been able to see any nefarious wanderers out by the graves, and then would set out to do her duties. Our Moon Mansion is an old farmhouse right off the South 101 in Santa Maria, CA. As you pass Betteravia Drive exit you'd see it starkly cornering the land for about an 8 hectare area of farmland. Lil' Nellie went out from the edge of the field, across from the house and flew about halfway in towards the house. Had to admit, it's a little scary to   trust it coming back, but the aircraft is a serious tool that brings up production value immensely.

September 21, 2015

Location, location, location, is the cliche', but settings relative to a story must be found, and to serve full benefit to the film. Finding any location that makes this prerequisite value is a boon--what takes it to a higher level of characterization, as it were, is the ability of the omnipresent audience to see the focus from an altered perspective. Not more than 15 years ago, shots like these would cost a production company hefty insurance premiums, and that not even adding the cost of a helicopter or single-engine plane. DJI and the Phantom Series of drones has rewritten independent film budgeting and production value. The farmhouse is California, but the area has the expanse of Illinois prairie, and--there's a very important excavation that you see the front, which has historical meaning in the story. There, will be some gentrfied distressing done with animated facades to bring it all together, but the place has a presence--and that's what we were after; drones are tricky to operate and maintain between flights. But what a budget beater, and uptick in production value, big time. But believe you, me, everything has not been all that rosy during this post-production. More later--the good, the bad, the asinine.


This is one of two rubber appliances that we made for one of the final pick-up scenes for the movie.  The green half-dome will be used for a chromakey effect.  So, the outer parts of the appliance will be all trimmed away--make-up applied, and...well, I can't tell you the rest.  That would be spoiling it for Halloween.

                                                                   In other news, we have copyrighted the name "Moon Creek Cemetery" and the concept of the film.  What does that mean?  Well, merchandising, for one.  And secondly, anything revolving around the title or conceptualization of Moon Creek Cemetery has been assigned rights by the U.S. Copyright Office.  No one may use the title or the plot of the film without the producer's permission.

Still plugging away at the editing and we have a new trailer that will be trotted out this next week.  Check us out on Facebook using the film title, or Lundy Street Productions. Both pages have lots of information about the making of the movie.  Thanks



With the release date fast approaching (producer and editor screaming) we are beginning to assemble some merchandise you would surely want on hand when you see "Moon Creek Cemetery".  We'll start with our production t-shirt.

Time to pre-order: $25 on Paypal
                                                                   Lundy Street Productions, Inc.
                                                                       3225 Orcutt Rd. Ste. 105
                                                                        Santa Maria, CA  93455

                                                            Include forwarding address information,     and we'll mail it out. S_M_LG_2XLG.

                  MORE TO COME

(shirt detail)


Of all the skills a person should have if they are going to produce independent film is a skill for meta-organization; by that, I mean having visualized the end result so firmly and planned (thinking about the organization necessary). It's one thing to differentiate between short and long term goals on a particular project. Even one that is longitudinally challenging, and takes years to achieve. But it is highly unusual to be able to plan for the synchronization of accomplishing 3 to 4 complex operations--in different venues, and pulling it all together, somehow. I will give a little blurb about goings-on with a 3 company subsidiaries: Lundy Street Productions, T.R.I.A.G.E. Group, and Victory Video.


Post-production on the movie got slowed because of having to shift modalities on legal, intellectual property venues, and those things needing some deliberate attention for a week,  but now we are ready to proceed with the editing. Our workflow is to create all the special effects sequences first, and then splice them into the dramatic film. You can search around the rest of the sight and see the 3D characters that were created, as well as some matte composite work. Went into post-production also about 14K in the whole, but have been able to restructure and have paid out 3K to date to the talent. Getting the master done will right the ship. Now, I know I said that organization is vital to accomplishing your goals.  So, that being the case, how couldn't I have not foreseen that more funds were going to be needed.  My answer is, we did know...rather, I did. But we were soliciting funding for the final deficit up to and through the segment production. But I would not have gotten the film to this point without knowing where I was going, what I needed to have done, and what I had done. That's what true organization gets you, and every film is picked apart this way for its production.  Some require daily line item budget, I believe. Film finance is a mother.

Life happens after you've planned everything all out, sometimes.

T.R.I.A.G.E. Group Educational Consultants

The organization plans on filing non-profit paperwork next year in order to put our charter in place and begin to actively seek clients. A number of talking points about the stance I have regarding the modern civil rights era, education, capital punishment, and social sensitization are on our Facebook page.

Please go to that link in the web site menu to get more information regarding what the company can offer and what resources it will make available to begin meaningful discussions about rewiring cultural mindsets.

Please email us, too:


We have edited two projects for evidence in both a federal appeals case and a superior court probate case; cannot say enough again, how powerful the Jurisdictionary training is for me, and can be for you as well.  A judge tells you that your petition doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of going to a trial.  He tells you, make an offer of proof (show what things you have that would give you a cause of action), which he highly doubts you are able to do. If you don't get that brief to him, your case is dismissed. The judge is counting on (1) you not having the money to retain an attorney; (2) you are stupid and don't know how or where to begin.

He's not expecting you to be able to cite the perjury code and then have proof rendered on a DVD desk, besides a kickass offer of proof.

Jurisdictionary law program is a real deal valuable asset.  You can frame a pleading to any legal action. Several of you have clicked on the icon. Follow it through and join the 46% of Americans who know how to fight for their own rights, on paper. It's the best money you've spent concerning litigation. $250 to know how to fish for the rest of your life, or pay an attorney $2500 who might throw you a fish head every now and then.

Please check out the page for "Four and Twenty Blackbirds", my new historical novel that is getting ready to drop probably in October or November. Peace.


There had been some technical difficulties that have impeded me from posting the last few months, so we are glad to be back in the blogosphere.  For those of you who are into discovering new novels, I have posted a few chapters of my historical novel, "Four And Twenty Blackbirds."  There's a preface page on the left menu bar of the site that can give you more information, and hopefully whet your appetite to buy it once the publisher releases it.

Concerning our movie: the principal photography was completed in April, and finances to close that  have been arranged, finally.  And that makes it much more comfortable for the producer and director to be able to devote his time to editing.  Halloween release.

T.R.I.A.G.E. training and philosophy went a long way in getting an equitable outcome in civil litigation.  It could be considered a stalemate, but who knows how the ACLU will feel about it.  There is no doubt that standing on principle was worth all the expense and effort, as long as begrudging acknowledgement is demonstrated on the one hand, while the other still shields its government actors from civil wrongdoing.  We, at T.R.I.A.G.E. continue the watch.

Please feel free to post comments about the novel, especially, as feedback about it.  It is nice to be back, and hope we can get things rolling, again.



The original cast has been absolutely on point for this.  Our leading lady is in New York at the moment, but we also have a co-starring actor from New York coming out to California to finish this 5 year trek.  Hotel rooms have been blocked, and we have figured out a vegetarian menu for our friends in the cast who are not carnivorous.  This is very important to me because we want everyone to eat happily.  Actors will do a lot for you but they have to eat well and have a good place to rest (yeah, rest...I'm sure).

Our most villainous "Hatchet Lady", the ever sinister Maria Olsen is squeezing our production in between her latest film, and preparing for the new X Files Sequel !

The drone was launched successfully this week, and by the weekend we'll be able to make a grid of what the cemetery 3D matte overlay will be like.  This will then make it possible to put a "mark" down for each actor in a vast field...that is, unless--


Some of the readers of our blog may have heard me speaking about "gatekeepers" that  component of multicultural microaggressors that go out of their way to enforce what they feel is how things should be.  They tend to overreach, and at the same time can be blind as to what their actual job responsibility is, or what their civil duty, actually is.  Santa Barbara County is not a film industry friendly environment.  And that really sucks because that's where our production office is.  San Luis Obispo County, however, just north of Santa Barbara County, was very welcoming to our production in the past.  We had to pay high fees, but we got access to areas to make our film.  There is one individual who oversees the county park that we want to use, and have been processing a film permit for.  And he is making subjective decisions that effect our scheduling.

This person says you cannot film at night, and if you film during the day you cannot have foul language, depictions of violence , maiming, or any type of blood shed.  He will not allow us to use the interior of a bungalow structure, even though we are fully insured.  The film permit nowhere states that films of a certain genre cannot use the park facilities, yet we have a single person telling us to do a remake of "Bambi" instead of our horror film.  I believe there is something called the First Amendment that says that may be illegal.  The clock is ticking and we have had to communicate with the County Board of Supervisors.  GEESH....



There is a whole new set of characters being added to "Moon Creek Cemetery" in the final shoot...all the cast that has been in the film from the start have been strong and talented in their portrayals...when looking at the new submissions I try to make quick decisions, based on headshots, of who will "fit" best with the look I want in the movie.

It's fun to look at those who submit, and read the notes they leave.  It's great when there is a whole new set of people who like the concept, even though it all began five years ago.

Locking down locations, interiors.  One down, and one to go with that.  And I will probably be taking a drive up to Cambria again, to talk to my distant cousin about filming one scene at his bed and breakfast.  But that means driving to another exterior location, and for the most part, all the other locations are centralized.  Well---things to consider.  But first, and foremost...WE BE KEEPIN' IT SCARY


Today we put in paperwork to Santa Barbara County to get the film permit for the shoot. Tech crews are going to be approached from advanced students in the nearby junior college's film department; (1) 2nd camera operator  (4) grips (3) M/U (2) sound and (1) Phantom Drone operator.  Costumes have been ordered from our friends at NightmareFactory and we arranging a quote with a caterer for the weekend of the shoot.

This has been a film shot over 5 years, but I defy people to see the appreciable differences in the actors; everyone stayed in great shape, and some are in even better shape than when we started.  But that is perfect for what's happening at this stage of the film. When kept at exorbitant amounts of stress, the human body eats itself.  You are so stressed that even when you do eat, it's just a mechanization that one goes through. That's where the characters in Moon Creek Cemetery are at in this part of the movie.

In the end, we'll have alot of the control in the financial pie being cut as far as distribution goes.  Lundy Street Productions will use Amazon's In-The-Box for its DVDs.  Other distributors who passed have been more than a few.  However...I'm greatly relieved I didn't put in with any of them, now.  Like, I got a chance to see a film that Brain Damaged Films had streaming on Roku...high school quality.

We are looking for assistance in meeting our production costs, so please go to so you can check out what we will give to you for taking us over the finish line.  The t-shirts are bomb.

What ever you have seen of the film we are making will compare to the final release.  This is a Four and Twenty Blackbirds Film, and Lundy Street Productions is out, for now.  More to come...


We are a month away from starting final photography and are going through
fundraising.  Ctrl + Click links you to the funding site.  I know we have a lot of fans, so
this is the time to show it.  THANK YOU!

T.R.I.A.G.E. Legal Corner

This is a great day for, this organization, and all people who relish cohabitation with honorable people. Today, Mr. Pierce received notice that he will be heard in oral argument on his appeal from the Ninth District Central California Court on May 5, 2015. Mr. Pierce's original action was filed in November of 2011. One of the issues is whether the actionable remedies incumbent to the experiences of a racially harassed person, are applicable to only those who witnessed the... harassment. The issues ask whether only a person with epistemological knowledge of discrimination can make an action for civil tort. Some of this has already been decided before, but it seems it fell upon one man to call the record into question. Mr. Pierce is honored to be able to speak before the three justices, in Pasadena, CA. He hopes it will be a good day for T.R.I.A.G.E.


You know, we have had like 6 years of data on our site, here.  And there happen to be several categories of blogs on the website.  One, by far, seems to get the most activity.  "What's the Buzz" may attract readers because they may believe it will benefit their search in acquiring controlled substances.  Others may enjoy the eclectic smattering of subject matter it has on it.  But numbers don't lie, and I'm interested in honing my audience.  So...for the people who haven't read much of the other listings of blogs at Mark A. Pierce, Inc.

Updates, T.R.I.A.G.E., and Victory Video will have some rearrangement in their threads, and might be further re-organized.  I probably should have a Lundy Street blog for all my film talk.  But, I just have to figure out how to actually get the shifts to occur.  It's a simple as checking a box where one edits blog categories, but it won't make it happen.

We have had an increased audience to our brand.  You know I am passionate about film-making, education, and human rights.  Over the past six years 76,000 visitors have taken a look at our blogs.  Please give me some guidance as to how you would be inclined to look at other areas on the website.  Or is it that you just are in search of blogs in discourse.  The company would appreciate the feedback.